Hold Up…

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There is so much going on in our world. We are still in a pandemic, resignations are happening everywhere and the list goes on.

Many employees are expected to go back to work as if everything is normal. It is not. Many employees are expected to perform and push forward, even if working from home. There is no going back to normal and truth be told, pre-pandemic normal was really jacked up. We are left to grapple with an ever changing reality which can be pretty confusing. If you feel like it’s only you, it’s not.

In many ways, capitalism and wellness don’t mix. Capitalism is very individualistic and wellness requires community.

Here’s what you can do to manage:

Seek Solitude: Quiet personal time can help you gain a sense of clarity of the world around and within you. During these times, you can do breathing exercises, journal, meditate, walk, garden, lay down etc. Everybody’s life is different so what is solitude for one person may look completely different from the next. Do whatever helps to clear the brain fog, ball of emotions and discomfort in the body.

Lean on your tribe: There are likely other people around you experiencing conflicting emotions as well. Start conversations. Share your lived experience. Ask others how they are navigating. Connect with those who are like-minded. Create interdependent relationships. Filter out voices that are disruptive. Spend time with and around people who make you feel valued.

Know your available supports: Does your place of employment have a wellness program? What does it consist of? Is there anything in the benefits offerings that can support what you need? Is there an option of taking mental health days? Can you create a more flexible schedule? Imagine and take action on what self-advocacy can look like in your work. Work should make life sweeter-in the way we do it, where we do it and under the circumstances we do it.


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