Black and Brown children are more likely than their white counterparts to be excluded from the classroom because of unjust policies and bias.

Care-based policies and practices can reshape the educational experience for children of color.

At Bespoke Care, our focus isn’t just about providing services. We’re determined to disrupt the status quo. 

Is a Black girl who speaks up in class being insubordinate or is she a natural-born leader?

Is a confident Brown boy oppositional and resistant or is he intuitive about his surroundings and keenly aware that injustice is at play?  

And, in both cases, is it healthy for either child to internalize their identities as “troublemakers”? 

The answer is a resounding “No.”

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment that embraces their identities and allows them to confidently show up in the world.

We help education-based organizations (such as schools and other youth-serving organizations):


  • Enhance professional development, such as trainings (online and in-person) on social justice and systems transformation
  • Facilitate useful conversations about race that result in improved interpersonal relationships in the workplace
  • Work productively with all students, particularly those with disabilities (learning and psychological) 

Understanding how multiple identities impact students of color is imperative to shifting racial inequities and shaping how students perceive themselves well into adulthood. 

Black and Brown youth who feel seen and supported during adolescence mature into self-assured and productive adults who feel a true sense of belonging in the world. 

We’re committed to helping your organization lead the way in social justice and education transformation.