Virtual Therapy or Nah?

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As pandemic restrictions loosen, in-person activities are resuming, including service appointments such as therapy. This has many people wondering which therapy format will be best for them.

If you are questioning effectiveness, virtual therapy works.

If you are wondering about vibes, an intuitive therapist can pick up on your energy.

If you are still thinking about your preference, below are some things to consider.

Virtual therapy increases access to mental health services like never before. In and around cities, you no longer have to commute in traffic to meet with your therapist. You can pick the place you have your session, perhaps a location where you feel the most comfortable and relaxed. On the flip side, everyone may not have this option and may need to be in a therapist’s office to feel at ease or to be undistracted. Privacy could become an issue if you live with others. As such, you may find yourself in your closet, bathroom or car which you may or may not prefer. Determine the environment you want around you as you discuss the reasons that brought you to therapy.

The client-therapist relationship is the most important part of the therapeutic process.  You can build a relationship with a person you have never met in-person. Although virtual, sessions with your therapist are still live so you can get a sense of each other in real time. Spend some time figuring out what you really want to know about your therapist and their process. Be sure to ask these questions in a consultation, intake or whenever they come up. You may even want to share your hesitancy around virtual sessions upfront and see if it can be addressed. Yes, establishing a relationship virtually is certainly not the same as in-person, but it can be therapeutic enough.

Some people started in-person therapy before the pandemic and cannot wait to meet with their therapist in-person again. Some people started in-person therapy and love virtual therapy so much, they are never turning back. Others started with virtual therapy.  Yet, others wanted to start, but did not because virtual was the only option. The choice is yours.


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